Econo-lift Inc. ofers complete services for forklifts.
All our technicians are certified and have more than 20 years experience.
Our factory work is done by certified professionals. All our work is guaranteed.

Our services include :

We buy your used equipment.
Functional or not, we pay top dollar for your equipment.
We offer pickup service of the equipment in question if our offer is acceptable for you.
We pay by check when picking up your equimpent.
To sell your equipment  contact us

We have a large inventory of arm equipment for sale. All our machines are inspected to ensure proper operation. To view our inventory click here
It is possible to order the equipment of your choice. We also offer delivery service.
To purchase equipment  contact us

We offer the service exchange.
We collect your equipment and we deliver your new equipment. To view our inventory click here
We also offer delivery service. It is possible to order the equipment of your choice.
To exchange your equipment  contact us

We offer rental services. For customers whose equipment is being repaired, the service is FREE OF CHARGE.
We also offer delivery service.
It is possible to order the equipment of your choice if it is available and in stock
To rent equipment  contact us

We offer the repair service.
This service is provided on site or in our factory. We pick up and deliver your equipment when it is ready.
The rental of replacement equipment isFREE.
The replacement equimpent will be similar to your equipment.
To repair equipment  contactez-nous

We offer emergency repair service.
This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days this week. Depending on the level of emergency you can contact us by email or phone.
For our coordinates click here
For a less urgent service  contact us

We offer the maintenance service of your equipment. Maintenance service ensures peace of mind, as preventative maintenance ensures a constant cost with no surprises. Your equipment will be operational at any time, without surprises that can cost you.
To order a maintenance plan contact us

We offer replacement parts for forklifts.
We also offer the service of reconditioning of parts when possible.
We also offer installation of parts on site or in factory, please refer to the repair service above.
To order parts  ccontactez-nous

We also offer repair services for heavy equipment.
Examples: backhoe, grader, truck loader, excavator and mini excavator.
All tehcniciens are certified and have over 20 years of experience.
If you have any questions contact us

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