Renovation costs
In general, the costs of renovation will be recovered at the sale of the porperty. Some conditions ... Plus....


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house. When selling property, it will be... Plus...

The number of bathrooms a property and the condition of the bathrooms will be a factor ... More...
  Rénovations ABCD Inc.




Les Rénovations ABCD Inc.
iis a young and dynamic company that specializes in renovations in the Greater Montreal area and surroundings.

The strengths of the copmany is the determination to provide quality work under pre-established conditions .

The kitchen is the main point of the house. This is where people spend much of the day. This is the place where the family eats, now the cleanest place in the house.
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The bathroom is another important place in the house. There is generally a part of the morning, so our general mood is partly attributed to our interaction with that location.
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The siding of the house is the basic element that gives the general shape of the house. We can thus influence the image of the house by changing this element.
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The driveway of the house is the acces to it. It should be easy to use and should not be dangerous for people. The overall image of the house is partly influenced by this element.
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05.11.2013  New internet website
Launch of new website. A page dedicated to past projects will be highlighted, to present to potential clients and completed projects.
01.12.2013  Renovations without concern
We have developed a product that is already very popular. It's called "Renovations without concern" and is based on our satisfaction guarantee.
15.12.2013  Guaranteed workmanship
All our work is guaranteed. The quality of our work is our pride. We use a system of quality control that ensures that all our projects are of a constant quality of execution.

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